The world’s richest man

2012 is jubilee for billionaires’ rating- “The Forbes” started making it up 25 years ago. Besides, this year is also proved to be a record year: Estate of 1226 billionaires of the world reached 4.6 trillion Dollars (last year it was 4.5 trillion Dollars). In the list are included the richest people from 56 countries, […]

Alain Delon’s Watches on sale

Famous French actor Alain Delon sells his exclusive collection pf 100 pair of watches, which he collected over the past 50 years on auction. Bidding will take place at the Paris auction house – “Cornette de Saint-Cyr” on April 5. On auction are presented rare models from Rolex, Cartier, Blancpain, Audemars-Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling, and […]

The most cybersecure countries of the world

The best indicators of cybersecurity have Finland, Sweden and Israel – “4.5 stars”. According to study by anti-virus software developer McAfee and Brussels based company SDA, which is responsible for cyber security. The highest score “5 stars” has not received any country. At four points were Estonia, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, UK and USA. Three […]

Georgian businessmen are the world’s leaders in optimism

Georgian businessmen are named as the world’s most optimistic entrepreneurs. The analysts of British consulting company Grant Thornton International composed the rating of optimistic mood according to countries. Georgia has the highest point in this rating. The Georgian entrepreneur’s believe in future is estimated as 78%. The Peruvian businessmen have the similar figures. According to […]

Traffic in China is regulated by the cardboard police

In Jiangsu Province, China police invented original method of fighting with excessive speed – they installed on highways police cars from cardboard, which looks like real from distance. The Cardboard police cars works like scarecrow in the field of corn. Drivers see it from distance and reduce speed. According to police this original idea is […]

Nestle buys producing confectionery company.

The world’s largest food manufacturer, Swiss company Nestle buys Chinese company HSU FU CHI International, which is producing confectionery. China’s Ministry of Commerce approved the acquisition of 60% of the capital Hsu Fu Chi. The transaction amount is estimated at 1.13 billion Euros. Nestle Company is number two in terms of sales of confectionery in […]

The population of Earth will be 7 billion by the end of October

Till October 31 the population on Earth will reach 7 billion people, and by the end of the century, this number will double. Demographers are surprised with a sharp increase in birth rate. Such rise in birth was marked last in 1999. At that time, the population on Earth become 6 billion. With the data […]

dogs doomed to be eaten

Thai police rescued thousands of dogs from imminent death. Animals locked into cages, which were intended for human consumption, were transported with trucks. 4 trucks loaded with dogs were detained on Lao border, but about hundred dogs have already been suffocated. Smugglers wanted to transport dogs at first to Lao, than to Vietnam. Offenders sentenced […]

Vanuatu requests 34 million dollars from china

  Tiny  state in pacific ocean –island of Vanuatu requests 34 dollars from Chinese government. Vanuatu has already sent an official letter to  the Chinese government with requests of the transfer of 3 billion watts to budget. It is nearly 34 million U.S. dollars. If China refuses, Vanuatu will restore relationships with Taiwan republic-political opponent on China. […]

Chinese herbs eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy

Scientists have discovered that the collection of four Chinese herbs used in folk medicine for more than 18 centuries, can ease side effects of chemotherapy of cancer. The study of their properties was conducted by scientists at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., led by Professor of Pharmacology and co-chair the Department of Experimental Therapy […]