The most cybersecure countries of the world

The best indicators of cybersecurity have Finland, Sweden and Israel – “4.5 stars”. According to study by anti-virus software developer McAfee and Brussels based company SDA, which is responsible for cyber security. The highest score “5 stars” has not received any country. At four points were Estonia, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, UK and USA. Three […]

Film Festival about mountains in UK

In the UK from 27 January to 10 March is held a short film festival about mountains – The Banff Mountain Film Festival. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the most famous and prestigious in the world. It traditionally takes place in Banff city (Canada), from which derives a name. Since 2010 the […]

The collection of recovered artifacts from “Titanic” will be sold

The largest owner of artifacts taken out from “Titanic” RMS Titanic Inc will sell them on auction, which will be held in New York, 1 April, 2012. The results of trading will be kept confidential till 15 April – on this day will pass 100 years from the most famous maritime disaster in modern history. […]

Tattooed URLs

Pat Vaillancourt has very strange tattoos. He is current record holder for the most tattooed web addresses on his body, he has over 100 000 web sites covers his body. In 2010, 30-year-old Vaillancourt, from Quebec, Canada decided to set his own record. He was not athlete or not knew anything special, so he chose tattooing […]

In two years intension of the explosions on the sun will reach its peak

United States Space Agency has released video footage of huge Sun explosions made in space observatory for last five years. The unique event was recorded in western part of Sun disco, but 10 billion tons of exploded plasma mass vanished in the opposite direction of the Earth and has not caused strong magnetic storms. Experts […]