Street-painter became a millionaire thanks to Facebook

American painter David Choe became multimillionaire thanks to Facebook. Seven years ago, David was invited to Palo-Alto, California to design the interior of main office of Facebook Company. The former president of Facebook – Sean Parker, in the form of compensation, offered few thousand Dollars or the company’s shares. Despite the fact that, painter thought […]

Scientist found a way to “lift” Venice

Scientists have found a way to save Venice from flooding during rising sea level and subsidence of soil: They offer uploading more water under the city to make it “drift”. Italian scientists identified on seismic data that beneath the city lies water-impermeable layer of clay, which will work as water-cushion, if it is flooded in […]

Scientists learned a secret of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”

Scientists have found an answer for an old question. They explained a reason for bird’s mass suicide, which occurred in California in 1961 and became a basis for creating Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”. Biologists from Louisiana State University ascertained that an unusual behavior of birds was caused by food poisoning. They have found in stomachs of […]

USA Ambassador To Gorgia Will Get Married!

U.S. ambassador to Georgia John Bass left for homeland to marry. His wedding is on Saturday. Currently the ambassador is in California and will be absent for a while. His duties will carry out Deputy Chief of Mission Kent Logsdon. The U.S. Embassy provided no details on wedding ceremony or the name of the bride. […]