Joanne Rowling writes non-children novel

British writer Joanne Rowling began writing her first non-children novel. This work will be radically different from Harry Potter. “I receive pleasure from every page written for the new book” – said Rowling. The writer does not expose the theme and the name of the book. Rowling signed a contract for releasing a new book with […]

The Guardian about Russia

According to journalist of British newspaper The Guardian – Luke Harding, after Vladimir Putin becomes the Russian president again, Russia becomes the difficult and unstable partner of the West. As a journalist writes, after Putin’s return to Kremlin political situation in country inside will sharpen and restarting policy with United States will be practically finished. […]

Homework of Charlotte Bronte

Recently discovered short story of British writer Charlotte Bronte will be published in London 170 years after its creation. The Story is called “Ingratitude” and is written on French. The manuscript was discovered by Bronte’s creation expert – Brian Bracken in Royal Museum in Belgian city Marymoor. The story is a homework, which Bronte wrote […]

Paul McCartney has his own star on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Paul McCartney – the member of legendary British group Beatles has now his own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Paul is the last member of the group, who has got his own place in Boulevard of Fame. Opening of the star coincided with the 48th anniversary of American debut of “Liverpool Quartet“. […]

Georgian businessmen are the world’s leaders in optimism

Georgian businessmen are named as the world’s most optimistic entrepreneurs. The analysts of British consulting company Grant Thornton International composed the rating of optimistic mood according to countries. Georgia has the highest point in this rating. The Georgian entrepreneur’s believe in future is estimated as 78%. The Peruvian businessmen have the similar figures. According to […]

Britons turn their apartments in “House of Waste”

A pair from British city Bournemouth, bought a new apartment and decided not to spend money on expensive furniture and they used recycled materials and used things. Kresse Wesling and James Henrit from Bournemouth in Dorset county, bypassed thousands of shops, shops for poor, considered thousands of interior things on web-sites Gumtree, Freecycle and eBay […]