British government grants the yacht to Elizabeth II

The Queen of Britain will get the yacht, which price is 90 million dollars from British government. The Queen Elizabeth II is already 60 years on the throne. The government supported the idea of the gift, but they will not buy it with budget money. “The government will support the project politically not financially.” – […]

Georgian businessmen are the world’s leaders in optimism

Georgian businessmen are named as the world’s most optimistic entrepreneurs. The analysts of British consulting company Grant Thornton International composed the rating of optimistic mood according to countries. Georgia has the highest point in this rating. The Georgian entrepreneur’s believe in future is estimated as 78%. The Peruvian businessmen have the similar figures. According to […]

Most people in Britain support death penalty resumption

A majority of people in Britain support death penalty resumption, which was abolished in United Kingdom in 1969. 53 % of questioned acknowledged that they would have no objection against death penalty of perpetrators, just 34 % were opposed it. It is noteworthy that 64% of death penalty supporters are men, women with this position […]