Brazil’s Carnival can no longer be hold

Brazil’s Carnival is in danger of failing. The strike of local police aggravated criminal situation in country. Police begun the protest action in late January – they requested increase the salary and social benefits. The strike promoted the crime. Only killings increased on 129%. The government deployed troops in region. Many actors and dancers refused […]

The most cybersecure countries of the world

The best indicators of cybersecurity have Finland, Sweden and Israel – “4.5 stars”. According to study by anti-virus software developer McAfee and Brussels based company SDA, which is responsible for cyber security. The highest score “5 stars” has not received any country. At four points were Estonia, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, UK and USA. Three […]

Georgian businessmen are the world’s leaders in optimism

Georgian businessmen are named as the world’s most optimistic entrepreneurs. The analysts of British consulting company Grant Thornton International composed the rating of optimistic mood according to countries. Georgia has the highest point in this rating. The Georgian entrepreneur’s believe in future is estimated as 78%. The Peruvian businessmen have the similar figures. According to […]

Two headed child was born in Brazil

In Brazil was born a child with two heads. He has one heart but two brains. Doctors are not sure, whether the operation will be successfully carried out. “Twins” are named Jesus and Emanuel. They have two brains, two spine but common heart. Infant weighing 4.5 kg was born with Caesarean section in Anajas city, […]

Unknown Indian tribe is discovered in the Amazon jungle

The group of  Approximately 200 people had been noticed from the satellite. The members of the tribe live in the straw covered houses. Indians are involved in agriculture. They cultivate: corn, beans, bananas and other crop. Initially, they noticed the cut down forest zone territory on the border of Brazil – Peru , which is indicatory that people lived here. The tribe’s existence in this region was confirmed in April, an expedition took pictures of Indians from plane, for not to make disorder inthe daily life of the  […]