Twitter opens a branch in Germany

Twitter Company wants to open a branch in Germany and chooses between Berlin, Munich, Koln and Hamburg. Hamburg has the biggest chances, because there already are branches of Facebook and Google, Twitter cooperates with them. According to press, Americans are already negotiating who will head the branch in Hamburg. This cooperation will not bring to […]

Health-damaging meat is in sale in Germany

New sanitary scandal flares in Germany: On the shelves of five cities ecologists discovered chickens infected with two bacteria, which are dangerous for human life. Information about it was published by one of the environmental organizations. According to it, in every second chicken supplied in supermarkets in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Nuremberg and Stuttgart was found […]

Passengers evaluated taxis

More than 5000 people in 23 countries of the world were interviewed. By the travelers voting London’s black taxi –  Cab is the best taxi in the world but also most expensive. It defeated competitors from other cities in such categories as security, polite drivers, purity, quality of driving and orientation in the city. Nevertheless, […]