Homework of Charlotte Bronte

Recently discovered short story of British writer Charlotte Bronte will be published in London 170 years after its creation. The Story is called “Ingratitude” and is written on French. The manuscript was discovered by Bronte’s creation expert – Brian Bracken in Royal Museum in Belgian city Marymoor. The story is a homework, which Bronte wrote […]

For children of Prince William the 300 years old law is changed

Participators of the summit of Britain commonwealth changed the 300 years old act about succession, allowing a princess to become a Queen in bypass of men. On the summit, which took place on Friday in Australia involving British Queen Elisabeth II was made historic decision – the act about succession was changed. Until now, the […]

European capital cities of betrayal

Rating of European cities revealed interesting relationship about betrayal between couples. As it turned out, most couples from touristic cities betray each other. Aristocratic London also entered in five most “infidel” cities. First international community of dating married people – Gleeden conducted research and found in which European cities live most infidel couples. However, the […]

Most interesting museums in Europe

European Museum Forum Make a list of the most exciting museum projects in Europe. It includes the museum of cut ties in Zagreb, there are collection of things, which reminiscent about unhappy love. Also museum of British music culture, where you can feel yourself as a rock star and play on the legendary musical instruments. […]

Fine for drivers who ride too slow

Traffic police of Belgium  increasingly began to penalize a driver for driving too slow. According to statistics, in 2009 , in the country  were issued over 550 fines. In 2008 there were 547 in the first half of 2011 – already 238. According to government decree from 1975 driver cannot impede traffic, moving at low […]

Luxemburg is the most wealthy country in EU

Luxemburg is the most wealthy  country in EU according to the gross domestic product (GDP). Said the European statistics agency-Eurostat. The agency have made  the analysis of 2010 data for the 27 EU countries according to the standards of gross domestic product purchase capability and evaluated them in the conditional units. Eurostat estimated Luxemburg’s GDP […]