Latvia declared two Russian scientists Persona Non Grata

Latvian Foreign Minister – Edgar Rinkevich decided to declare Russian scientists Alexander Dyukov and Vladimir Simindey Persona Non Grata in Latvia and include their names in the black list of the persons who are not allowed to entry in country. The decision was taken by Minister on the advice of competent structures about the conscious, […]

International exhibition of Contemporary art in the framework of “Revolutionary Art”

October 22 at 18:00 in Europe House is organized the international exhibition of contemporary art “Simple Stories” in the framework of “Revolutionary Art” project. There will be submitted exposure samples from Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Romania and Georgia. The exposition will continue till 29 October. Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze

The electricity in Georgia is most expensive is Western Europe

The power tariff in Georgia is divided into stages. The customer, who consumes 100 kilowatts pays 13.5 Tetri per kilowatt, if he consumes from 101-300 kilowatts – pays 16 Tetri and if he consumes 301 kilowatt and more – 17.7 Tetri per kilowatt. According to this Georgia is the most expensive in CIS even with […]

Corruption thriving worldwide

The  fourth of the world population give bribes in every year, says a report prepared by the Transparency International organization. Specifically, 32% of the population give bribes in the former USSR republics. The lowest corruption level is in Georgia. Middle-level corruption was registered in Russia. Armenia and Belarus shared its fate – 22% and 27% […]

Georgia has tremendous relationship with Moldova and Belarus – Saakashvili

In Georgia and Moldova are built amazing relationships, as well as with Belarus, – said on Monday, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, during his visit, together with the head of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu camp at Anaklia Black Sea coast, where the rest of the Moldovan teenagers to families affected by floods, and children from Belarus. “Moldova […]