Tonino Guerra died in age 93

Screenwriter, director, poet and artist Tonino Guerra died in Italy this Wednesday in age 93. BBC reported that Tonino Guerra is an author of more than hundred scenarios. Tonino Guerra worked with such famous directors like Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Andrei Tarkovsky. Tonino Guerra had big friendship and love of Georgians and […]

Kiribati is sinking

The population of Kiribati state in the Pacific Ocean will move to Fiji, because Kiribati is almost covered with water. BBC reports that Kiribati is sinking and relocation of 100 000 inhabitants is inevitable. The president of Kiribati – Anote Tong negotiates with Fiji State in order to purchase the land, because Kiribati must change […]

80% of Latvian voters are against of choosing Russian as a second language

80% of Latvians voted against Russian as a second language. BBC reported that according to preliminary results of the counted ballots, nearly 779 thousand inhabitants refused to recognize Russian as a second language. The turnout of voters on referendum amounted 69%. The Republic has one state language now – The Latvian. Russian has status of […]

2012 is the beginning of Eurozone’s collapse

The famous and influential British Economic and Analysis Center predicted that the current year will be extremely difficult for Eurozone and the trend of collapse will be accelerated even more. “This year will be the starting point of the collapse of Eurozone ” -is said in the Center’s Research. The specialists say that for sure […]

In Austria found the remains of 220 victims of the Nazi mode

In Tyrol – the Austrian province, is completed the exhumation of 220 people, detected in abandoned cemetery on Hall City Hospital. It is assumed, that in the cemetery, found last year, were buried victims of Nazi mode crimes. These people have been killed because they suffered from mental and physical illness. During World War II […]

Homosexuals are allowed to serve in US army

BBC informed that the action of law, which forbids homosexuals to serve in army, is officially ceased. The resolution to abolish the law, named as “Do not ask. Do not respond.” was signed in last December by Barack Obama. In 1993, when this law was enacted, mote that 13 thousand of soldiers were forced to […]

Briton has won 185 million Euros in Lotto

British resident in European Lotto “EuroMillions” – won record jackpot – 185 million Euros (244 million U.S. dollars). Lucky man guessed 7 numbers – five major and two additional. The lucky numbers were: 17.19, 38, 42, 45, 9 and 10. Information about it is spread by BBC. Significant fact is that the winners name is […]