3D planetarium in Barcelona

In Barcelona, in science museum CosmoCaixa will be placed the only one 3D planetarium in Spain. On 17 December in the Barcelona’s Museum of Science CosmoCaixa will be opened the first 3D planetarium in Spain and the second in Europe. “It is astronomical simulator that allows traveling around the universe.” – explains the curator of […]

Madrid became the world’s capital city of Gay-Tourism

At the annual meeting of the international association of Gay & Lesbian Travel was announced that Madrid will be the world’s capital city of gay-tourism in 2014. Pretenders on this title also were Stockholm, Zurich and Cannes. Madrid was supported in this fight by the city administration, as well as several private companies, public organizations […]

Private homes in Barcelona will let any passers in home for two days

About 155 buildings in Barcelona, including private houses, will open their doors for weekend – 22 and 23 October – in framework of campaign “48H Open Houses BCN“. These days visitors will be able to look for free into the building of museums, hotels, apartments and park structures, that are usually closed for public. Offer […]

European capital cities of betrayal

Rating of European cities revealed interesting relationship about betrayal between couples. As it turned out, most couples from touristic cities betray each other. Aristocratic London also entered in five most “infidel” cities. First international community of dating married people – Gleeden conducted research and found in which European cities live most infidel couples. However, the […]