The Guardian about Russia

According to journalist of British newspaper The Guardian – Luke Harding, after Vladimir Putin becomes the Russian president again, Russia becomes the difficult and unstable partner of the West. As a journalist writes, after Putin’s return to Kremlin political situation in country inside will sharpen and restarting policy with United States will be practically finished. […]

The portrait of Marilyn Monroe is made in Swarovski crystals

British artist and designer Clare Milner presents the largest portrait in the world of Marilyn Monroe in Swarovski crystal. This is not the first “mosaic” work of Claire, before this she portrayed David Beckham and Barack Obama. The painting, depicting the sex symbol of Hollywood and it is adorned with 65,000 crystals of Swarovski, was […]

Barack Obama will meet Saakashvili

On 30 January, U.S. President Barack Obama will meet Georgian president in the Oval Office. It is reported by The White House‘s web site. “Two presidents will discuss the strategic partnership charter between Georgia and USA and to strengthen the relation in trade, tourism, energy, science, education, cultural and security fields. President Obama will stress […]

U.S. against PIPA and SOPA

The U.S. Congress will reconsider bills about PIPA and SOPA. The protest of internet industry leaders have had an effect – U.S. congress decided to send back infamous bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) for revision. As it was reported, eBay, Facebook, AOL, Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Yahoo and many others […]

100 top global thinkers 2011

Arab revolutionary, former Egyptian dentist and now writer Alaa Al Aswany is the most influential thinker of the planet. He is on the first place on the rating in hundred famous thinkers on Earth by The Foreign Policy magazine. As Aswany become a symbol of revolution in Arab world after publishing his book “The Yacoubian […]

3D sculptures by Michael Murphy

Solo show of Michael Murphy will be held in New York in Nine5 Gallery. His artwork is for wide variety of visitors. The show includes multi-layer 3D sculptures, sound installations and paintings with strange materials, like: nails, shadows, water and bullet-proof glass. Each layer is hung up, or placed on the platform. Layers compose side […]

Homosexuals are allowed to serve in US army

BBC informed that the action of law, which forbids homosexuals to serve in army, is officially ceased. The resolution to abolish the law, named as “Do not ask. Do not respond.” was signed in last December by Barack Obama. In 1993, when this law was enacted, mote that 13 thousand of soldiers were forced to […]

Mikheil Saakashvili will meet the current and former presidents of United States in New-York

President of Georgia set off to United States today. Mikheil Saakashvili will meet Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton. He is opening The Concordia Summit, which is held parallel to the UN General Assembly. Summit will be opened with a minute of silence in honor of those killed on September 11. The initiator of […]

Obama “Most admired man”

According to a Gallup /USA Today poll, U.S. President Barack Obama won the honor of being the man Americans admired most in 2010. 22% of American respondents said that the president is the person they admire, granting Obama the titled of “Most Admired Man” for the third year in a row. George W. Bush placed […]