The most cybersecure countries of the world

The best indicators of cybersecurity have Finland, Sweden and Israel – “4.5 stars”. According to study by anti-virus software developer McAfee and Brussels based company SDA, which is responsible for cyber security. The highest score “5 stars” has not received any country. At four points were Estonia, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, UK and USA. Three […]

Georgia – 16th place in World Business Rating

The World Bank and International Financial Corporation posted the rating of countries with best business-environment. In the list consisting of 183 countries Georgia is on 16th place. As it turned out, Georgia showed the best results between post-soviet countries. The first place in rating got Singapore, than are Hong – Kong and New Zealand. In […]

Luxemburg is the most wealthy country in EU

Luxemburg is the most wealthy  country in EU according to the gross domestic product (GDP). Said the European statistics agency-Eurostat. The agency have made  the analysis of 2010 data for the 27 EU countries according to the standards of gross domestic product purchase capability and evaluated them in the conditional units. Eurostat estimated Luxemburg’s GDP […]