Armenia Calls On Georgia To Recognize Armenian Genocide!

Armenian MPs in the Georgian Parliament, together with the Head of the Armenian community called on Speaker of Georgian Parliament David Bakradze to recognize the Armenian Genocide. “The time has come to include the issue on the parliamentary agenda,” the MP stressed. Earlier the Armenian Student Association of Georgia has recently called on the country’s […]

Obama must say “Genocide”!

Congressmen Adam Schiff sent a letter to President Obamato use the term “genocide” in his statement marking the April 24 anniversary of the start of the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, both last year and in 2009, you did not use the term ‘genocide’ to describe the events of 1915-23. I ask you to return to the […]

Appears a new document about Armenian-Turkish negotiation

Director of the Armenian Genocide museum Hayk Demoyan told the journalists, that the initiators should put a new document on the negotiating table in case of Armenian-Turkish negotiation. Demoyan called right Armenia’s decision to suspend the process. Armenia took not one step but a half. Half step was enough to show which side exactly was […]