Georgia in on 34th place in ranking of Economic Freedom Index in 179 countries

In the ranking of Economic Freedom Index the index of Georgia was deteriorated in one step in 2012. In joint ranking of American Fund Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal Georgia is on 34th place. In this ranking countries are divided into 5 categories: free, mostly free, relatively free, limited free and mostly not […]

Georgia – 16th place in World Business Rating

The World Bank and International Financial Corporation posted the rating of countries with best business-environment. In the list consisting of 183 countries Georgia is on 16th place. As it turned out, Georgia showed the best results between post-soviet countries. The first place in rating got Singapore, than are Hong – Kong and New Zealand. In […]

One more international success of Georgian theatre

A few days ago the 9th International Festival of Performing Art was finished in Yerevan. This festival is known in theatrical circles as “High Fest”. This is very important theater forum of South – Eastern Europe. It is like a bridge between Asian and European cultures. This festival was established by International Foundation “Caucasus” in […]

According to Gini coefficient Georgia does not have the middle class

Georgia is in group of countries, which don’t have middle class or they are too small – says Economic Policy Research Centre and the “Open Society – Georgia” in 2011 economic survey. The authors of review say that Gini coefficient is most common and easily understandable measure. Georgian Statistical office do not use this coefficient. […]

The monument of “Mimino” personages will be opened on Avlabari Square on 14 October

The monument of personages of well-known film of George Danelia “Mimino” will be erected on Avlabari Square. After opening the monument there will take place Buba Kikabidze show in Philharmonic Hall. One of main characters in film is Ruben Khachikian, this role plays well-known Armenian actor Prunzik Mkrtchyan, Buba Kikabidze plays the role of Valiko […]

Georgia is on 47th place among the world’s problematical countries

Georgia is on 47th place among the world’s problematical countries. Rating was published  by “Foreign Policy”. In “The index of World’s  problematical countries in the year 2011” Somalia is on the first place. Chad is the second and the third is Sudan.   Our  neighboring countries: Azerbaijan is on 63th place, Russia on the 82th, […]

Where Is The Husband Of Nino Burjanadze?!

On Friday National Security Service of Armenia neither refuted nor confirmed Georgian press reports saying Badri Bitsadze, husband of former Georgian parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze, was in the territory of Armenia, but sources close to border service told, that A person named Badri Bitsadze has not crossed the Armenian-Georgian border. Bitsadze was accused of organizing armed resistance […]

Offroad Xtreme Week In Georgia

Offroad Extreme Week 2011 starts in Georgian village of Manglisi on  May 1. Special cars and crews from Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan will take part in the event. The competition is organized by “The Offroad club” with the support of Georgian Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the administration of Kvemo Kartli region, Georgia online reports.

Saakashvili visited Armenia

The results of the Saakashvili’s visit in Armenia are successful and important for Georgia – says Georgian president’s spokeswoman Manana Manjgaladze. “It was an important and interesting visit, following the President’s new priorities. It should be stressed the two states cooperate not only in political, but also cultural and educational spheres,” she noted. According to […]

Georgian expert says – Economic development of South Caucasus delayed

Alexander Rondeli, Head of the Georgian Fund for Strategic and International Research,  told that as compared with 2008 and 2009, this year has generally been a happy one for Georgia. “People of my age usually take everything with pessimism or humor, but many things have not been so bad as might have been. Everything was […]