New iPad 3

The CEO of Apple Company – Tim Cook held the presentation of Tablet PC iPad 3 in San-Francisco. As Cook said, new tablet PC will be sold in America in the same price as its predecessor – iPad 2. It is the first major presentation after the death of Apple’s founder. New iPad is the […]

Police arrested 25 members of hackers group Anonymous

Police in Chile, Argentina, Columbia and Spain arrested 25 activists of hackers group Anonymous. From the detainees, who were aged from 17 to 40 years old, were extracted 250 units of network and mobile devices. The operation was organized by the Interpol. The reason for this was cyber-attacks on Chile’s and Columbia’s internet-resources. In particular, […]

A Monument for Steve Jobs was opened in Hungarian capital city

The monument for co-founder of Apple – Steve Jobs was opened on Wednesday in Budapest, Hungary. It was initiated by Hungarian company Graphisoft. As it reported the current head of Graphisoft Company Gabor Bojar, the monument of Steve jobs was opened in recognition of his support of their company. The statue is made by sculptor […]

Facebook identified 10 most discussed topics of 2011

The world’s largest social network Facebook discussed the most discussed topics of 2011. The leader of rating is liquidation of Osama bin Laden. The second popular topic is the victory of The Green Bay Packers in American Football Super Cup. The third place got justify of Casey Anthony, who had killed his 2 years old […]

Arthur Levinson – new leader of Apple

Apple‘s board of directors has new leader. As it is published on Apple company web-site, the place of Steve Jobs got Arthur Levinson. Levinson is in Apple’s board of directors since 2000 year. From 2005 he is the head of council. He was working in three committees so far: audit, financial and corporate committees. But […]

The most expensive gadget – iPad 2 Gold

The new iPad 2 Gold is most expensive gadget in Apple history. Beside 24 carat gold lined around, it has 12.5 carat diamonds surrounded. There are created just 2 copies of iPad Gold. One of them already is acquired by a stranger for 5 million Euros. The gadget weighs 3 kg. The logo of the […]