The failure of Euro would be a catastrophe for world financial system – George Soros

American financier – George Soros predicts the fail of Euro. Soros thinks that it would be a catastrophe for world financial system. According to him, the Euro crisis is more serious for world than 2008 economic crisis. Last summer American financier criticized European governments for difficult economic situation. He accused personally German Chancellor – Angela […]

Germany chose “The word of a year”

A concept of “stress-test” was elected in Germany as “The word of a year“. This term was commonly used in medicine, but in 2011 nuclear power plants, governments, banks and even station constructions were subjected to stress-test. It is traditionally a part of an annual list of German words that have been most noticeable.  At […]

100 top global thinkers 2011

Arab revolutionary, former Egyptian dentist and now writer Alaa Al Aswany is the most influential thinker of the planet. He is on the first place on the rating in hundred famous thinkers on Earth by The Foreign Policy magazine. As Aswany become a symbol of revolution in Arab world after publishing his book “The Yacoubian […]

The half of Greek Sovereign debt is wrote off

EU leaders on the meeting in Brussels agreed to write off a 50 % of Greek debt. This was announced by Nikolas Sarkozy on the press conference. In addition, according to Sarkozy, the stabilization fund of Eurozone countries will be increased to 1.4 trillion Dollars (1 trillion Euros). Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said already, […]

Germany forbids “Like” button

German authorities of Schleswig-Holstein demanded to remove from all sites “Like”   button of Facebook social network till the end of September. Officials decided that plug Facebook violates the German law about protection of personal data. Those, who do not remove “Like” button from their sites will be fined with 50 thousand Euro. This was stated […]