Anne Frank’s things are back to Frankfurt

Relatives of Anne Frank gave her things to Jewish Museum in Frankfurt. This statement made Anne Frank’s cousin Buddy Elias. The famous diary of Anne Frank will stay in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam were hiding Anne and her parent during Nazi occupation. Frankfurt Museum will get her pictures, photographs, letters and furniture. Frank’s cousin will give […]

List of world’s best bookstores

Bookstores of Amsterdam and Maastricht are included in top 20 of the best bookstores in the world. American Book Center in Amsterdam and Selexyz in Maastricht are included in top 20 of most beautiful bookstores in the world according to the website American Book Center is described on the site as “a place with […]

Museum-House of Rembrandt in Amsterdam shows unique graphics

In Museum-house of Rembrandt in Amsterdam is held and exhibition of paintings and engraves of artist and his contemporaries from the collection Kunsthalle Hamburg. Hamburg’s collection of Netherlandish graphics is famous includes about 1400 pages, it is based on work of art, collected by Georg Ernst Harzen in XIX century. The exposition features more than […]

Tango Festival in Amsterdam

From 26 to30 December in Amsterdam will be held annual Tango Festival. Tango Festival will be held on several venues in the city, including Kompaszaal and De Duif and will provide show-rooms, workshops and tango “cafe”. The festival will feature famous dancers, musicians and DJs. Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze