35 foot-long camera created in 10 years

Dennis Manarchy is renowned photographer, who creates the most unusual camera in the world. It is so big that it barely fit in the truck and it captures 24-foot tall realistic photographs of incredible detail. Camera is huge – 35 feet long, 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide, it uses negatives that are 4.5×6 […]

Best books of last 200 years

More than one hundred writers from America and Great Britain took part in the selection of literary works of last 200 years. Best book of XX century is “Lolita” and of XIX century “Ana Karenina“. 125 writers took part in selection of books, including: Norman Mailer, Stiven King, Ann Patchett, Johnathan Franzen, Joyce Carol Oates […]

Nino Ananiashvili will hold a concert in Griboedov Theatre

The Ballet Company of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre led by Nino Ananiashvili will hold a concert in Griboedov Theatre today, 3 December. The troupe will perform three one-act ballets for the audience: “Dreams of Japan“, “Second before Ground” and “Wingless Flight into Darkness“. It is noteworthy, that Nino Ananiashvili will dance with the soloists […]

In USA is discovered the oldest artwork

On the territory of United States the oldest artwork is discovered. The image of mammoth cut on the bone is 13 thousand  years old. Piece of bone, with animal images was discovered by James Kennedy –  amateur archeologist. He was working on excavation in Florida Stated In 2006-2007. This place was studies by the scientists in the early 20th century and there were found […]

USA Government: “New leader of “Al-Qaeda” will suffer the same fate as previous”

“New leader of “Al-Qaeda” will suffer the same fate as previous” –said the commander of the Joint Staff Committee on Pentagon briefing. As general Michael Muller said Al-Zawahri is another America’s new target and he will suffer the same faith as number one terrorist  Osama Bin Laden. “Ayman al-Zawahri, the newly appointed chief of Al-Qaida, […]

America will not leave the world economy in trouble

Incoming macroeconomic statistics from the U.S. last days are cause for concern of a new recession in the country, which will inevitably raise and a new wave of world crisis. The head of the Federal Reserve today announced its readiness to give the economy an additional incentive for growth. Real GDP growth United States on […]

"Mummy Troll" the conquest of America

Yesterday launched a new tour of “Mummy Troll” by the United States. The group plans to overtake the entire northern part of the country – with a stop in Canada. Third consecutive year, my friends and I took seats in the front ranks. We do this not only because we are big fans of creativity […]