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Angry Gran Run Has Browser version game

The most popular game on iOS and Android has Browser version from Box10 now. After game released (3 October 2012), Android market was demanding new versions of Angry Gran Run. It already has 136,957 votes on Android store and official rate of all versions is 4,5. Thats fair and means that quality of this game is […]

New president of Germany took oath

New president of Germany, law-enforcer and pastor from GDR – Joachim Hauk took the oath in Parliament. In accordance with the constitution written in the text of the oath, German president shall  “to multiply the good of the German people and avoid troubles” and also comply with the constitution and other laws of the state. […]

The most of leprechauns in the world are in Ireland

There may not be pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but one of the Irish towns proved that it is full of leprechauns. Bandon in West Cork adequately responded to the challenge of Glenties of Donegal, which was also planning to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest cluster […]

Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal records

John F. Kennedy’s Library published personal records and documents of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. Records were made in 1962 one year before the assassination of the President. The part of documents is related to the project of Jacqueline Kennedy about reorganization of rooms in White House. “The document makes clear how deeply she was educated in art, […]

Joanne Rowling writes non-children novel

British writer Joanne Rowling began writing her first non-children novel. This work will be radically different from Harry Potter. “I receive pleasure from every page written for the new book” – said Rowling. The writer does not expose the theme and the name of the book. Rowling signed a contract for releasing a new book with […]

“Second Sun” in Italian village

Italian small village – Viganella is shined by “second sun“. The village is surrounded with high mountains, which why sun cannot reach it. Every year from middle of November till middle of February it is dark in Viganella village, but the locals have found a way to solve the problem. Architect Giacomo Bonzani installed a […]

Walking on the top of the trees

In Bavarian National Forest is built the longest and highest bridge over the trees. It is one of the highest constructions in central Europe. Wooden construction for walking – Baumwipfelpfad was built two years ago. It is 300 meters long and 26 meters high. It is combined with nature. The bridge is so high that […]

The biggest butterfly in the world

In Eastern Himalayas the scientists found the biggest butterfly in the world. Its wings are 25 cm long. The strange butterfly was named “Attakus Atlas”. The volume of butterfly wings during flight may reach 30cm. despite the strange color and size, the butterfly is not poisonous and it is absolutely safe. This variety of butterflies […]

City of widows

The are many prejudice around us, like broken mirror and black cat. Indians believe that widow person brings unhappiness. In Indian city of Vrindavan are living a lot of widow women. You will found in this both young and elderly women. They leave their homes, get rid of the symbol of marriage – red circle […]

The most expensive watches in the world

Swiss company – Hublot produced the most expensive watches in the world. Their price is 5 million Dollars. Watches are made from white gold and diamonds. There are in total 1822 copies. Hublot’s head Jean-Claude Biver said that these watches were made by 17 masters in 14 month. They will be exhibited in Bazel on […]