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Tonino Guerra died in age 93

Screenwriter, director, poet and artist Tonino Guerra died in Italy this Wednesday in age 93. BBC reported that Tonino Guerra is an author of more than hundred scenarios. Tonino Guerra worked with such famous directors like Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Andrei Tarkovsky. Tonino Guerra had big friendship and love of Georgians and […]

Valeriy Meladze will have a concert in Tbilisi

On April 7 Valeriy Meladze will arrive to Tbilisi after 15 years of pause. He will visit Georgia with 20-member musical group. One of the organizers of Meladze’s concert in Tbilisi is the president of “Georgian Union of the Art” – Davit Okitashvili. He said that Valeriy Meladze’s concert will last about 2.5 hours and […]

Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars

The Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars: “We look forward to begin working with our colleagues from Skype.” – says the head of corporation Steve Balmer. The manager of Skype – Tony Bates will get the position of president of the section of Skype in Microsoft and would be under the leadership of Steve […]

Wikipedia is published as a book

In printed Wikipedia are just 0.01 % of information from Online Encyclopedia, the book has 5000 pages. The author of the book is Rob Matthews. Printed Internet Encyclopedia is on English and consists of 928 volumes. The publication currently includes about 3 million articles and more interesting materials are constantly added from internet version. The […]

The giant violin is created in Germany

In Markneukirchen, German city known as a homeland of the best quality violins, the giant version of violin is created. On the fiddle worked 12 people, they added their own city into the Guinness Book. The width of instrument is 1m and 45 cm, height – 4 m, 28cm.  It needs the force of few […]

How are children named in Portugal

In Portugal names for new born children are regulated by law, that’s why sometimes their names consist from 4 words. There are special list of names, which can be used or not while giving name to children.  It is published on the website of the Ministry of Justice and is required for all registrating organizations. […]

Samsung will issue on the market the “Rubber” phone in 2012

Recently the Samsung Company released a new product. The new phone will make the myths about high-technology real. New phone is called AMOLED. The model has “rubber” moving screen, which can have any form, through its elasticity. In addition, the screen is so strong, that it would be difficult to crash it even with a […]

Youtube creates TV channel

The world’s most popular video-portal offers to customers a new product. Youtube creates his own TV channel. According to representatives of the site, Youtube TV is created with new digital technologies in HD quality. The site is owned by Google, it took part recently in competition, which identified 10 most popular entertaining channels. In addition […]

Having the driving license with you is no longer mandatory in Georgia

The Interior Ministry canceled all of the fine sanctions about driving without having driving license with. Beside the fine of 15 lari, car parking transferring rules are also changed. Till now, the car was transferred to penalty parking if the driver did not have a driving license. This law is already in force, so that […]

William and Kate took over Princess Diana’s affairs

The Duchess of Cambridge and British throne heir the Prince William opened Children’s Hospital Center – Marsden. This medical establishment has been lobbied by William for a long time. Spouses met hospital patients and med-personnel and then introduced their future plans about Children’s Center to hospital administration and press. Royal Marsden Hospital was managed by […]