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New president of Germany took oath

New president of Germany, law-enforcer and pastor from GDR – Joachim Hauk took the oath in Parliament. In accordance with the constitution written in the text of the oath, German president shall  “to multiply the good of the German people and avoid troubles” and also comply with the constitution and other laws of the state. […]

Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal records

John F. Kennedy’s Library published personal records and documents of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. Records were made in 1962 one year before the assassination of the President. The part of documents is related to the project of Jacqueline Kennedy about reorganization of rooms in White House. “The document makes clear how deeply she was educated in art, […]

“Second Sun” in Italian village

Italian small village – Viganella is shined by “second sun“. The village is surrounded with high mountains, which why sun cannot reach it. Every year from middle of November till middle of February it is dark in Viganella village, but the locals have found a way to solve the problem. Architect Giacomo Bonzani installed a […]

Victims of corn from U.S. demand to write their debts off

About thousands of farmers in West Georgia became a member of “Union of the Victims of Maize Support Program“. The program of president’s hybrid corn failed. It is recognized by the government and the Ministry of Agriculture. Government is obliged to write off thousands of debts of local farmers, which they have in banks.” – […]

Kiribati is sinking

The population of Kiribati state in the Pacific Ocean will move to Fiji, because Kiribati is almost covered with water. BBC reports that Kiribati is sinking and relocation of 100 000 inhabitants is inevitable. The president of Kiribati – Anote Tong negotiates with Fiji State in order to purchase the land, because Kiribati must change […]

Latvia declared two Russian scientists Persona Non Grata

Latvian Foreign Minister – Edgar Rinkevich decided to declare Russian scientists Alexander Dyukov and Vladimir Simindey Persona Non Grata in Latvia and include their names in the black list of the persons who are not allowed to entry in country. The decision was taken by Minister on the advice of competent structures about the conscious, […]

Brevik Store in Germany

In the German city of Chemnitz is opened the new store called Brevik, which recalls Norwegian terrorist. Favorite clothing brand of Neo-Nazi‘s Thor Steinar provoked another scandal. Last week in Chemnitz was opened the branch named Brevik, without a doubt, reminds to customers Anders Bering Breivik, who in the summer of 2011 killed 77 people […]

New way of plastic recycling in Netherlands

Minister of Environment and Packaging Industry in Netherlands – Joop Atsma, devised a plan whereby recycling and disposal of the waste will be the end for the storage of plastic bottles. It is planned to recycle % of plastic bottles in 10 years. “This plan would remove the need of storage.” – said Atsma. The transition […]

Eight painting of Hitler found in Czech Republic

Eight paintings belonging to Adolf Hitler are found in an ancient castle – Zakupy in South Czech Republic. Cost of paintings is valued at 4.8 million dollars. Paintings found a local historian George Kuharzh. In late February, seven paintings from the personal collection of Hitler found Kuharzh in the monastery depositary in village Doksany, which […]

Mobile communication in the English Channel

Passengers on Eurostar will be able to make telephone calls while being in the English Channel between France and Great Britain during 2012 Olympics. Signing the agreement is planned to hold in France with participation of four leading mobile operators and Minister of Industry – Eric Besson. According to information obtained from recent surveys, customers […]