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BMW “bought” a cyclone

BMW bought the name for atmospheric front that brought the Europeans cold and snowfalls. Advertising agency that works on BMW, could give the name of the atmospheric front “Cooper“, however, after meeting with the area of high pressure, a new “brainchild» of BMW PR-managers hit Europe with snow and frost, which resulted death. It was […]

L’OREAL advertising is banned because of computer processing of photos

The L’OREAL Company in Britain is accused of using graphics software for their advertising of anti-aging means. The winner of an Oscar Rachel Weisz has always stood for the natural beauty, even condemned the use of Botox by other stars. However, when she appeared with a smooth skin in advertising anti-aging products from L’Oreal, the […]

The happiest nations in the world

Happy is not the one, who has everything, happy is the one who lacks. As sociologists found out, the happiest nation on the planet lives in Iceland. The last survey showed that the global average 53% of the population is happy, while in Iceland 73% of the inhabitants said that they are fully satisfied with […]

Health-damaging meat is in sale in Germany

New sanitary scandal flares in Germany: On the shelves of five cities ecologists discovered chickens infected with two bacteria, which are dangerous for human life. Information about it was published by one of the environmental organizations. According to it, in every second chicken supplied in supermarkets in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Nuremberg and Stuttgart was found […]

Two headed child was born in Brazil

In Brazil was born a child with two heads. He has one heart but two brains. Doctors are not sure, whether the operation will be successfully carried out. “Twins” are named Jesus and Emanuel. They have two brains, two spine but common heart. Infant weighing 4.5 kg was born with Caesarean section in Anajas city, […]

Three strong earthquakes in New Zealand

In Christchurch city, New Zealand occurred three strong earthquakes in half an hour. A press of New Zealand reports that local residents are evacuated, airport is damaged and it stopped working. The number of victims is not reported. The Christchurch city was almost destroyed in February, because of earthquake. 180 people were killed. The prime-minister […]

Woman lived with corpse in her flat for months

52 years old Sweden woman lived few months with corpse lying on her couch in the living room. “She danced in apartment naked” – said eyewitness. The body of 67 years old man, who was wanted since September, was lying on the couch in the apartment. Police has already linked to the woman earlier, but […]

More than 600 death toll on the Philippines

As the result of the storm on Philippines more than 600 people are dead, hundreds of people are lost – reports CNN. As TV-company reported, the government has evacuated about 20 000 people in temporary camps. In the disaster zone 100 000 people are left homeless. The government sent 20 000 military for rescue operations […]

New standards of fuel in Georgia

From next year Georgia will have new fuel standards. AS Oil Importers Association reported, on 1 December 2011 Georgian government adopted a new decree №444 “on motor fuel quality standards”. In fact, Georgia will have new standards. It includes new ecological features for motor fuel, which limit a content of sulfur, aromatic hydrocarbons and Benzene […]

The new strain of HIV-infection began to spread

Scientists started to talk about new strain of HIV-infection. It is the type of virus, which was observed only in minor parts of population of Cameroon until now. Scientists say that virus began to spread. In the report of the medical journal “The Lancet” was noted, that in one patient in French clinic had “N-Group” […]