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Victims of corn from U.S. demand to write their debts off

About thousands of farmers in West Georgia became a member of “Union of the Victims of Maize Support Program“. The program of president’s hybrid corn failed. It is recognized by the government and the Ministry of Agriculture. Government is obliged to write off thousands of debts of local farmers, which they have in banks.” – […]

Innovations for Georgian wine-makes

Georgian wine-makers will be able to buy facilities for producing and bottling of wine. Innovative services for entrepreneurs will offer “Alliance Group of Leasing“. The product was made in framework of the joint with “Alliance Group Food Trading” and it was created for financing of small entrepreneurs and family-stile wine farms. Prices of European facilities […]

New performances in Marjanishvili Theatre with English subtitles

In Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Tbilisi will be held performances with English subtitles one a month. According to Public Relations Office of the theatre performances with English subtitles in the theatre was held firstly in February 2012. As it is said in the theatre on the performance was attended by many foreigners. After, it […]

New legislative safeguards for victims of children trafficking

To children, who were victims of trafficking will be guaranteed social and legal protection from Georgian legislation. To the law against “Human Trafficking” is added a special chapter. According to bill, the state undertakes an obligation to carry out special measures to reduce opportunities of engaging minors in human trafficking. The bill also provides identification […]

Mtkvari level will lower on 11 meters

In Ortachala, because of expansion project of a bridge the river’s level will lower on 11 meters – informed by Tbilisi City Hall. According to them, on the right bank of the Mtkvari in frameworks of infrastructural project, from Ortachala HHP large quantity of water will be flowing to Rustavi. Accordingly, Tbilisi City Hall is […]

Bollywood in Georgia

Bollywood’s film crew and production team arrived in Tbilisi. Indian filmmakers will complete the shoot of Film Billa 2 in Georgia. Last year “Bollywood” started shooting of blockbuster Billa 2 in Georgia and film crew arrived again to shoot last shots. Premiere is scheduled in India on 14 April. Negotiation are held in order to the premiere […]

Practical driving test in Georgia will be held with computer technologies

From today in Georgia the practical driving tests will be held with help of computer technologies. Squares, where shall take place the practical test, are equipped with the sensor equipment. Through, Service Agency web-site every interested person can watch how particular person pass exams. “The examination square was equipped with electric wire, which issues pulse […]

Turkish company started to build three hydroelectric power plants in Adjara

Turkish company will start to build three new hydroelectric power plants in Adjara this year. These hydro power plants are included in 15 HPP, about which Georgian government officially noted. According to Energy and Natural Resources Ministry “Adjar Energy 2007” will construct “Khelvachauri HPP 1“, “Khelvachauri HPP 2” – and “Kirnati HPP” in Adjara. Presumable […]

Best books of last 200 years

More than one hundred writers from America and Great Britain took part in the selection of literary works of last 200 years. Best book of XX century is “Lolita” and of XIX century “Ana Karenina“. 125 writers took part in selection of books, including: Norman Mailer, Stiven King, Ann Patchett, Johnathan Franzen, Joyce Carol Oates […]

In Batumi suburbs are 10 religious boarding schools

In suburbs of Batumi are 10 religious pansions, in which in addition to other subjects is taught Koran. From them 7 are for boys and 3 for girls. One of them is located in Adlia, where lives and learns 35 children of various ages. In the program of these boarding schools are included religious, Muslim […]