Angry Gran Run Has Browser version game

The most popular game on iOS and Android has Browser version from Box10 now.

After game released (3 October 2012), Android market was demanding new versions of Angry Gran Run. It already has 136,957 votes on Android store and official rate of all versions is 4,5. Thats fair and means that quality of this game is quite high.

The latest version of this game is and was published in 2013 November. The creators of this game think that game is selling stats are quite fair and this game deserves much more.

The main idea of the game is angry granny, who wants to run out from the city Aslym. In the new version, there are penguins, aliens and insine stuff.

There are also Angry Gran run 2 Browser game. So, people who wish to play this game without Android or iOS, can use their computers and play it via simple browsers.
To play game in the browser, you should have unity player. It is well known player, like Adobe Flash player.

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