New president of Germany took oath

Joachim Hauk

Joachim Hauk

New president of Germany, law-enforcer and pastor from GDRJoachim Hauk took the oath in Parliament.

In accordance with the constitution written in the text of the oath, German president shall  “to multiply the good of the German people and avoid troubles” and also comply with the constitution and other laws of the state. Hauk read the text of the oath from the rostrum of the parliament.

Before the ceremony, Chairman of Parliament Norbert Lammert thanked Christian Woolff – predecessor of  Hauk, who came to the parliament with his wife Bettina.

Thus, Woolf, who in recent days, recuperated his health at the monastery, appeared first the time on public after he officially left his post on March 8.

Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze

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