Tonino Guerra died in age 93

Tonino Guerra

Tonino Guerra

Screenwriter, director, poet and artist Tonino Guerra died in Italy this Wednesday in age 93.

BBC reported that Tonino Guerra is an author of more than hundred scenarios. Tonino Guerra worked with such famous directors like Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Tonino Guerra had big friendship and love of Georgians and Georgia. In 2000, Guerra held master-class in Georgia with support of the Netherlands Cultural Fund and the Eurasia Foundation.

Italian artist was close friends of Rezo Tabukashvili, Chabua Amirejibi, Eldar Shengelaia, Sofiko Chiaureli and other public figures.

Time and place Tonino Guerra’s burial is unknown.

Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze


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