Walking on the top of the trees

Baumwipfelpfad Bridge

Baumwipfelpfad Bridge

In Bavarian National Forest is built the longest and highest bridge over the trees. It is one of the highest constructions in central Europe.

Wooden construction for walking – Baumwipfelpfad was built two years ago. It is 300 meters long and 26 meters high. It is combined with nature. The bridge is so high that you will see the distant mountains and fields.

Walking bridge ends with 44 meters tall oval, dome-shaped building. It is conventionally called the observatory. Around the building is located spiral stair. It is available to watch the beauty of the nature from each footstep.

The organizers of the project wanted relieve people from everyday problems and feel themselves as a part of the nature while walking on this bridge.

“This place is very popular in society. We are sure that all of them are thinking about the beauty of nature and the fact that it needs a care” – explained the project organizers.

“This place is truly a paradise. Imagine you are walking among the giant trees. I will never forget the experienced impressions” – said the tourists.

Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze

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