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February 29 Finnish Women are allowed to do proposal to men

In Finland on 29 February women are allowed to do marriage proposal to men. In the Western European tradition in a leap day everything is upside down. For example, woman may make an offer of marriage and if man refuses, he should buy to rejected woman tissue for the skirt. In Finland, this tradition is […]

Elizabeth II will open Olympic Games in London

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh will open on 27 July Summer XXX Olympic Games in London. It is stated in statement released by Buckingham Palace. This ceremony, according to an official announcement, will take place on the main 80000th stage of Games-2012 near Stratford in east London. According to Buckingham […]

New wing of Islamic art in Louvre

For the September 12 is planned opening a new wing in Louvre museum complex, which will focus on Islamic art. Reportedly, the new wing will house 3000 exhibits from VII to the XIX century. It will be items from ivory, ceramics, carpets, sculptures collected from the heart of Islamic culture, from Spain to India. Henry […]

List of world’s best bookstores

Bookstores of Amsterdam and Maastricht are included in top 20 of the best bookstores in the world. American Book Center in Amsterdam and Selexyz in Maastricht are included in top 20 of most beautiful bookstores in the world according to the website American Book Center is described on the site as “a place with […]

Tony Blair’s wife sues with Murdoc’s Corporation because of wiretapping

Wife of former British Prime Minister – Tony Blair claimed to be a victim of illegal action from journalists of News of the World and sued the media magnate Rupert Murdoc‘s company – News International. Thus, Mrs. Blair is added to the list of celebrities who have accused the already defunct boulevard edition News of […]

Moldova is closed for gays

The municipal council of Balti declared the territory of this Moldovan city as the zone of special support of Moldovan Orthodox church. This initiative introduces a new ban on propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation in Balti. For the adoption of the bill voted 23 deputies of the 35 present deputies at the meeting. Representative of […]

Changing bells in Notre Dame de Paris

In the world famous Notre Dame de Paris the church authorities decided to change bells. The old bells were cast in the middle of XIX century from not very qualitative alloy and their sound evoked criticism of believers and tourists. They bells for cathedral are made in Normandy. For bells weighing from 0.7 to 2 […]

Special pink buses for women in Istambul

In Istambul may soon appear pink buses especially for women . Creation of such buses will facilitate movement of old and pregnant women around the city and it also get rid the fair sex for persistant male attention. “The quality of public transport is one of the main problems of the authorities in Istambul. We […]

Pope will bless people from Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI will use Twitter account for blessing Great Lent, which comes for Catholics in 2012 from February 22 to April 7. Daily on Twitter for all 40 days of fasting will be published the best parts from the speeches of primate of Roman Catholic Church. For the preaching of Christianity “it is very […]

“Smart” House in California

American engineers and designers created living-construction, which not only takes care on his owner creating cozy environment, but also manages an economical use of electricity. From the outside, the “smart” house is covered with heat-proof material and special system inside the house heats water and air and converts them into electricity. The house outside is […]