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British government grants the yacht to Elizabeth II

The Queen of Britain will get the yacht, which price is 90 million dollars from British government. The Queen Elizabeth II is already 60 years on the throne. The government supported the idea of the gift, but they will not buy it with budget money. “The government will support the project politically not financially.” – […]

Georgia in on 34th place in ranking of Economic Freedom Index in 179 countries

In the ranking of Economic Freedom Index the index of Georgia was deteriorated in one step in 2012. In joint ranking of American Fund Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal Georgia is on 34th place. In this ranking countries are divided into 5 categories: free, mostly free, relatively free, limited free and mostly not […]

Georgian businessmen are the world’s leaders in optimism

Georgian businessmen are named as the world’s most optimistic entrepreneurs. The analysts of British consulting company Grant Thornton International composed the rating of optimistic mood according to countries. Georgia has the highest point in this rating. The Georgian entrepreneur’s believe in future is estimated as 78%. The Peruvian businessmen have the similar figures. According to […]

Barack Obama will meet Saakashvili

On 30 January, U.S. President Barack Obama will meet Georgian president in the Oval Office. It is reported by The White House‘s web site. “Two presidents will discuss the strategic partnership charter between Georgia and USA and to strengthen the relation in trade, tourism, energy, science, education, cultural and security fields. President Obama will stress […]

Wikipedia was turned off for one day

The world’s famous online encyclopedia – Wikipedia ceases to work for a day. The web-page with this one day strike protect against the bills (SOPA and PIPA), which are currently considered U.S. Congress. If this bills will be adopted in United States, the government will have right to close any site , which distribute unlicensed […]

U.S. against PIPA and SOPA

The U.S. Congress will reconsider bills about PIPA and SOPA. The protest of internet industry leaders have had an effect – U.S. congress decided to send back infamous bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) for revision. As it was reported, eBay, Facebook, AOL, Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Yahoo and many others […]

Pair is convicted for bad attitude towards 53 cats

Swedish couple from the South Stockholm have been recently accused for cruel attitude to animals because they had 53 cats without due care. They were forced to pay a fine. According to the Inspectorate for the Animals, 53 cats were taken into custody. During the checking the house inspectors also found 1 kitten with paralyzed […]

Louis Vuitton releases its perfume

The famous French brand Louis Vuitton wants to enter in perfume world by creating his scent with LV label. Louis Vuitton teamed up with this goal with the world famous perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Belletryu, who participated in creating of such famous scent as Poème from Lancôme, Dior Addict, and l’Eau d’Issey. This famous nose, who was […]

The happiest nations in the world

Happy is not the one, who has everything, happy is the one who lacks. As sociologists found out, the happiest nation on the planet lives in Iceland. The last survey showed that the global average 53% of the population is happy, while in Iceland 73% of the inhabitants said that they are fully satisfied with […]

The most expensive cities of 2012

The research of the cost of living 2011 determined that the most expensive cities (excluding rent) are Trondheim and Stavanger in Norway, they are followed by Zurich in Switzerland. The study was focused on 45 products and services. 23 000 independent members compared more than 241 000 prices. In a study New York has been […]