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Hollywood refuses from celluloid tapes

At the end of 2013 the largest cinemas in USA will eventually distance themselves from the traditional 35 cm films shot on  celluloid tape. In Western Europe, the digital revolution will be finished a year later, in 2014. But it does not mean that films on tape will be available only in museums. They will be […]

Landscape cut in books

Artist Guy Laramee for 30 years tested himself in modern music, painting and literature, but he become famous as a book sculptor. Rocky mountains, rivers, islands and caves are cut in his books. He has made two series of charming landscapes from solid book covers of English and Chinese encyclopedias. Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze

Che Guevara by Rene Burri

Rene Burri is Swiss photographer. He was born in Zurich, 1933. He started his career in 1950 and become very famous because he was not only working in hotspots of the world, but also shooting illustrating essays. He has made portraits of many famous actors, but the most outstanding work is the portrait of Ernesto […]

In Germany is presented a social network for Muslims

In Köln was held the presentation of a project of social network for Muslims – Salam World. Over 80 representatives of Muslim communities in Europe and experts in information technologies participated in this project. President of European Muslim Union – Abu Bakr Rieger, speaking at the presentation highlighted the significance of solidarity to Muslims around […]

Restaurant overlooking Duomo di Milano

In Milan was opened a futuristic restaurant The Cube, windows of which are overlooking Milan Cathedral. The restaurant is designed for 18 guests. Visitors will be able to choose a meal, prepared by the best chefs, highlighted by several Michelin stars. Average price of dinner is € 200 per person. The construction project was carried […]

Two headed child was born in Brazil

In Brazil was born a child with two heads. He has one heart but two brains. Doctors are not sure, whether the operation will be successfully carried out. “Twins” are named Jesus and Emanuel. They have two brains, two spine but common heart. Infant weighing 4.5 kg was born with Caesarean section in Anajas city, […]

Dutch TV presenters “ate each other” live on air

TV presenters of Dutch TV-Show Proefkonijnen (“Test-Force”) – Denis Storm and Valerio Zeno tasted each other’s meat live on air on BNN. Before the show they had a little operation: a small piece of meat was cut from Storm’s buttock and Zeno’s stomach. After it cook has fried the meat in butter and added nothing […]

The exhibition of Dickens in museum of London

In museum of London was opened an exhibition named “Dickens and London“, which is dedicated to 200 years old anniversary of writer. It is almost two month until Dickens birthday, but Londoners love to be prepared. However, museum of London is not literary establishment, but a curator of the exhibition Alex Werner said that Dickens […]

Meryl Streep will gather the words prepared for Oscar in a book

American actress Meryl Streep is going to write a book about her Oscars. This will be a collection of fourteen texts, which actress have prepared in that case if she gets Oscar. “Every year I sit in the hall with prepared speech. I already have fourteen, which I have never said. They are really good, […]

Christmas decor of White House

Christmas decoration of White House is completed. The mistress of US president’s residence – Michele Obama has exceeded her capabilities. Christmas decoration included 37 Christmas trees with more than 10 000 ornaments, Christmas bouquets on windows and White House shaped cake with white chocolate. About 100 volunteers helped Michel Obama to adorn the house. The […]