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Cigarette-sized computer

Cambridge engineers group created a new computer, which not exceeds the size of cigarette-box. Its price is 25 Dollars. Despite the law size and small price it is middle-class computer, it can work with the full-scale applications, display HD-videos and so on. The new computer is called  Raspberry Pi. Robert Mullins – Cambridge professor and […]

The new strain of HIV-infection began to spread

Scientists started to talk about new strain of HIV-infection. It is the type of virus, which was observed only in minor parts of population of Cameroon until now. Scientists say that virus began to spread. In the report of the medical journal “The Lancet” was noted, that in one patient in French clinic had “N-Group” […]

Master-class of working on “Quilt” in Puppet Museum

In Puppet Museum is exhibited the works from an old and new quilt (a composition of colored tissue slices). Nana Okruashvili – the museums director said that the compositions assembled with old patterns will be exhibited till 18 December. It should be noted, that Georgian group, which works on “Quilt” will conduct the master-class for […]

The court overturned the acquittal of Dolce & Gabbana

Italian Court of Cassation cancelled the acquittal of the case about Dolce & Gabbana about tax evasion. Italian Court of Cassation quashed the ruling of Milan Court on the withdrawal of charges from famous Dolce & Gabbana, who were suspected in falsifying of tax returns and tax evasion worth about one billion Euros. According to […]

Guram Dochanashvili poetic debut in TBC Gallery

Today, 24 November, at 18:00 in TBC Gallery will be held the presentation of new book of Georgian writer Guram Dochanashvili – “Complete Collection of Works“, which will be a sort of his poetic debut. In this books is included the works written 40 years ago, that were never published. In addition to the artistic […]

45 foreign journalists and tour-agents in Georgia

With the initiative of National Tourism Agency in Georgia is held press and an introductory tour for 45 Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian, Azerbaijanian and Cossack tour-agents and journalists.  Within the framework of the tour they will visit the historic part of Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe. On November 25, 17:30 in Hotel “Holiday Inn” the head of National Tourism […]

World’s 5 the largest library

The history of libraries started in 323-283 BC. Alexandria Library – one of the largest libraries in the world included reading, learning, astronomical, anatomical, and other departments. In addition, there also was a museum. It was recognized as the world’s oldest library in 2002. After this a network of libraries gradually developed, as well as […]

Microscopic sculptures

Russian citizen – Nikolai Aldunin, metal-master is fascinated by microscopic sculptures. Knowing metal technology on highest level allows him place super-tiny, metal sculptures in needle eye, on head of matches and on rice grains. In his gallery there are portraits, engravings and even psalms on rice grains. Average length of his works is 1-2 millimeters. […]

Scientists have found descendants of dinosaur

In Gobi desert, in Mongolia’s territory paleontologists have found dinosaur’s nest, containing 15 new-brooded offspring skeletons. In United States, Rhode Island paleontologists suppose, that the nest is about 70 million years old. This is the first discovery that proves that dinosaurs cared for their descendants. 10 skeletons from 15 were completely undamaged. Small dinosaurs freely […]

The smallest street is 206 cm in length

The smallest street in the world is located in Wick city, Scotland. A length of Ebenezer Place is 206 cm. In 1883 Mackays Hotel was built at the intersection of two streets. Because the hotel’s windows were coming out on two streets and the building was not on any of this streets, the city administration […]