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European Parliament offered to give Ukraine a prospect of EU membership

“European Parliament considers that it is necessary to give Ukraine EU accession prospect” – it is said in the assembly resolution. The resolution stresses that European Parliament welcomes the agreement of the parties to sign a comprehensive agreement about free trade between EU and Ukraine. This is solid foundation for possible conclusion of negotiations. The […]

Spaniards often go live on trees

To go into the garden and see the house on the tree – few years ago it was more alike of dream, than reality. But today, in Spain houses on trees become every day more popular, both among young people and adults and even among the elderly. Some of them try expand their own space […]

New iPhone don’t understand the language of Scots

Residents of Scotland are experiencing the difficulties of the use of new features on the Apple’s telephone – speech recognition software does not understand Scottish accent. Scots have criticized the new feature Siri of iPhone 4S, which assumes control of the phone with voice. It was found out that the program not correctly recognizes Scottish […]

Facebook will build in Lapland the “Server Farm”

Internet-Giant Facebook is planning to place the huge data center the size of which will be commensurable with 11 football fields at home of Santa-Claus in Lapland. However, the company took this step not because of bearded personage. They are doing this for very practical reasons. This “Server Farm” will be built in a very […]

The Song of banker about financial collapse became hit

The Banker caused quite a stir in Switzerland: his comic song about impending global financial crisis became a hit. Author of a song is 33 years old Gorka Cruz, who works in banking system, he is analyst at bank Barclays, but he is involved in anti-government marches in Geneva. Cruz is sure, that individual banker […]

In India married women are forced to sexually serve their brothers-in-law

In India is real hunt on women. Because of demographic problems, there are 914 women on 1000 men, so there is deficit of women. There are no enough women for Indian men, that’s why in India female are “expensive goods“. They are kidnapped and sold. Married women also engage in this hunt. Husband family forces […]

In Culture House of Dusheti town will be performed the plays by works of Goderdzi Chokheli

Today, on 29 October, at 17:00 will present the Dusheti National Theaters performances by works of Goderdzi Chokheli in Culture House of Dusheti. The event is held in framework of conference “Goderdzi Chokheli – Creativity without boundaries”. On October 30, at 13:00 in Gudamakari will be held the memorial day of Goderdzi Chokheli with participation […]

Government will hold public hearing of “10 points plan”

November 1, Georgian government holds the public discussion about “10 points plan”. The Prime Minister and business representatives will attend on this hearing. It will held in “Radisson Hotel“. The plan provides the main directions of overall strategy of economic development and employment problems of 2011-2015 years. Author: Tamar Tsintsqiladze

International monitoring at Russian-Georgian border is very important

As National Security Council Secretary Giga Bokeria said today in Rustavi 2 TV – International monitoring at Russian-Georgian border is very important for Georgia. He said that because of Georgian national interest they agreed on the compromise and allowed Russia’s membership in WTO. Bokeria said that Russia’s accession in WTO is important in terms of […]

Paracetamol can be fatal

Paracetamol, one of the most widely used medication may cause death. Because of the drug, which is in many medications, died some patients. 2 strong people, who took a pill of Paracetamol, unexpectedly died. By medical report, they had the excessive dose in organism and their kidneys were blocked. This drug is widely spread. It […]