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Passengers evaluated taxis

More than 5000 people in 23 countries of the world were interviewed. By the travelers voting London’s black taxi –  Cab is the best taxi in the world but also most expensive. It defeated competitors from other cities in such categories as security, polite drivers, purity, quality of driving and orientation in the city. Nevertheless, […]

Five most famous banning in history of literature

In different times religious and pro-government forces were spending a lot of efforts to avoid “harmful” influence of education on ordinary people. The first censorship touched the texts which were not included into “Bible”. They were dated  494 years. Censorship was organized by Bishop of Rome Gala I. After that, there were a lot of […]

In Germany kisses in workplace are banned

The German Council of Professional Ethics  received a lot of complains from employees of various services. Employees protested against kissing each other in the work place. The chairman of this organization  Hans Michel Klein said that such activity has a negative effect on the nerves of Germans, because for them kiss is assossiated with some […]

Masterpieces of coffee

American artist Karen Eland creates with coffee sediment copies of famous masterpieces on canvas. She says that painting with coffee gives her a lot of pleasure. 38 years old coffee lover artist is currently creating a well known photo of Prince William and Kate Middletone. She has already painted with coffee “Gioconda”, “Girl with pearl […]

dogs doomed to be eaten

Thai police rescued thousands of dogs from imminent death. Animals locked into cages, which were intended for human consumption, were transported with trucks. 4 trucks loaded with dogs were detained on Lao border, but about hundred dogs have already been suffocated. Smugglers wanted to transport dogs at first to Lao, than to Vietnam. Offenders sentenced […]

In the UK wireless charging technologies are being created

There is no doubt, that electromobile soon will be extensively spread on car market.  Thus, every automobile company tries to acquire appropriate technology and inculcate in the industry. But there is a problem, which hinders the fast establishment of electric cars. There is no corresponding infrastructure. In other words, there is  no wide network of […]

In Austria created eradiation-protective underwear

Austrian students created eradiation-protective underwear for men who use laptops and mobile phones to protect them from impotence. The underwear consists of silver thread and reflects mobile and laptop eradiation. The idea of this underwear came to Rico Koleg, while listening the lecture about harmful effects of radiation. Students produced entire collection of underwear. Each […]

Clothing is dangerous for life

Italy‘s leading fashion houses use health-hazardous substances in jeans industry.  “Healthy clothing” company have already collected 35 000 signatures against this process and insisted to stop using harmful technologies. To achieve shabby jeans effect that companies use much quartz dust. Contact with this substance causes deadly lung disease- Silicosis. Turkish government banned this technology after […]

In two years intension of the explosions on the sun will reach its peak

United States Space Agency has released video footage of huge Sun explosions made in space observatory for last five years. The unique event was recorded in western part of Sun disco, but 10 billion tons of exploded plasma mass vanished in the opposite direction of the Earth and has not caused strong magnetic storms. Experts […]

Japan’s earthquake teared 9 km long iceberg from Antarctica away

Japan‘s earthquake and tsunami provoked iceberg to tear away from Antarctica continent. footage shot by United States – Space Agency satellite  shows clearly  that the vibration caused by the disaster fractured a huge mass of ice . Observations made by satellite enabled scientists to analyze events caused by tsunami. As a result, scientists have found […]