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Swiss farmer opened a hotel in the cornfield

In Switzerland farmer opened an open-air hotel in the cornfield. It is designed for people who are experiencing feelings of nostalgia. Swiss farmer Herbert Shleup opens his open-air hotel in cornfield every year, he and his wife originally  organize hotel “rooms” . In hotel rooms are metal beds and bags of straw on them, straw is also used as flooring material. Grown […]

In Ukraine social network is created for animals

Ukrainian Internet – resource is called ”Мордашки.com”. This network helps patrons to find like-minded persons and helps animals to find a partner during the walk. In order to register animals in this network there is required special form to fill, which shall include an email address, as well as, animal sex, type and description of appearance.

In Somalia women minister was kidnapped

Minister of family and women affairs- Asa Osman Akili was kidnapped  on the first day on the work. Local news agencies reported, that she was taken from Mogadishu it is 30 kilometers from the capital city of . The kidnappers are from Islamist movement of “al-shabaab” that is related with  “Al – Qaeda“. Minister is in jail on Ballad now. Somali’s official government is recognized by […]

Vanuatu requests 34 million dollars from china

  Tiny  state in pacific ocean –island of Vanuatu requests 34 dollars from Chinese government. Vanuatu has already sent an official letter to  the Chinese government with requests of the transfer of 3 billion watts to budget. It is nearly 34 million U.S. dollars. If China refuses, Vanuatu will restore relationships with Taiwan republic-political opponent on China. […]

British artist published sms-memoir

British artist Tracey Moberly published sms-memoir. The autographic book contains 3000 short text messages. The book consists of messages of 1999 and a further period. The book is called Text-me-up. It includes, as kind of  an everyday  SMS-es, as well as the personal electronic “records”  from friends and relatives. Moberly says that she started keeping short text messages 12 years ago, after divorce.  She acknowledged that it was a difficult period […]

In Odessa the library was opened on the beach

The library was opened in Odessa on the beach. Anyone can benefit from the books on a beach. They do not have to pay money for it. The initiator of the movement is An activist  of association – “Forward!” . there are around 400 books in the library,  including foreign ones. Wisher can read them not only on the beach, hey can also take it to the home.

Briton has won 185 million Euros in Lotto

British resident in European Lotto “EuroMillions” – won record jackpot – 185 million Euros (244 million U.S. dollars). Lucky man guessed 7 numbers – five major and two additional. The lucky numbers were: 17.19, 38, 42, 45, 9 and 10. Information about it is spread by BBC. Significant fact is that the winners name is […]

In England pub is opened in the telephone booth

Residents in the British village of Shepreth opened a pub in the phone booth. Pub was named “dog and bone” . Local joiner installed the bar counter  in the phone booth. There were also placed  beer and cups. Before the pub started working, huge row was standing in front of it. The institution may have […]

Spaniards transplanted legs

Spanish surgeons conducted first feet transplant  in the world. This is the most complex operation in the history of medicine. Doctors connected patient’s bones with vein implants, artery and muscles. The operation was successful or not, will be known in 1 month. It depends on whether the patient’s body accept implants. The operation was led by surgeon Pedro Cavadas. He […]

Birmingham is recognized as most boring city in Europe

Birmingham is recognizes by tourists as most boring city in Europe. Trip Advisor-travel portal explored which European cities are attracted and not liked by tourists. The company surveyed 3523 tourists. The British capital-London is recognized as most entertaining city, but tourists think, that the megalopolis  inhabited with most  not well-wisher human. Birmingham is awarded with the title […]