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Diana Princess of Wales would have been 50 years old on July 1

Diana Princess of Wales would have been 50 years old on July 1. Diana Spencer was born in 1961 Norfolk, Sandringham on July 1. She was the first wife of Prince Charles and the heir to the British throne. She is known as Princess Diana, Lady Diana or Lady D. She was the daughter of […]

Researchers plan to disinter William Shakespeare’s corpse

Paleontologists of  the university of the Witwatersrand based in Johannesburg asked British government for a permit for digging out William Shakespeare’s grave.  Scientists want to find out the cause of death of dramatist. Paleontologist – Francis Thackeray plans to create the dimensional image of writer. “We hope that after research society will receive more information about Shakespeare.”-says Thackeray. […]

Google will publish the British library’s archives

Google will publish  the British library’s archives. There will be given texts related to the 18th century and later period.  Users will be able  not just to find and see materials and also to copy them.  Books will be available for free. In addition, there will be given those texts on which copyright does not […]

Every fifth Russian is ready to buy a fake diploma.

Every fifth Russian has already purchased, or wants to buy a fake diploma. This is results of questioning which  Internet-portal has conducted: 8% has bought fake diploma in order to get a good job or advancement; and 10 % wants to buy the “knowledge” on black market. 82% of questioned Russians do not plan to buy a fake diploma. 36% are satisfied with their jobs and did not deem it necessary to falsify the diploma. As for employers, according […]

Luxemburg is the most wealthy country in EU

Luxemburg is the most wealthy  country in EU according to the gross domestic product (GDP). Said the European statistics agency-Eurostat. The agency have made  the analysis of 2010 data for the 27 EU countries according to the standards of gross domestic product purchase capability and evaluated them in the conditional units. Eurostat estimated Luxemburg’s GDP […]

The world market of Solar energy is growing rapidly

The world market of Solar energy is growing rapidly. The power stations which generate the solar power will compete with hydro and nuclear power plants in three years. Representatives of the leading companies in this field believe that solar energy stations will surpass all not only with government subsidies, but also with a sharp reduction […]

Ministry of Interior made a statement about detained citizens

Ministry of Interior made a statement about 10 citizens of Ghari in Oni district who were detained by Russian invaders. “On the evening of June 18, 2011 Russian soldiers detained  in the village of Ghari in Oni 10 people: Lasha Markoishvili, David Jeladze, Vitaly Samkjaradze, Tornike Jeladze, Beso Jeladze, Dito MarkoiSvili, Giorgi Metreveli, Vaso markoishvili […]

New Skin Scan program is released for Smartphone iPhone

New Skin Scan program is released for Smartphone iPhone. The program will monitor the development of the moles on the human body. The program analyzes the picture of mole and concludes if there is a risk for a malignant melanoma. There are 3 levels of risk: low, medium and high. If the risk level is high the consumer […]

The former first lady of France is writing a book about Nicolas Sarkozy

The second wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy – Cecilia Attias is going to publish autobiographical book about her husband next year while the French presidential election. Cecilia accuses Sarkozy in treason. A few years ago Valeria Domain, French writer,  also wrote a book about Sarkozy’s personal life, but the book never saw a light […]

112 years old Somalian man weds 17 years old girl

Ahmed Muhamed Dore – citizen of  Galguduud, central Somalia, has very interesting life. He was born in 1897, his birth certificate is written in traditional way- on the goat skin by his father, he is now  112 years old, he has altogether  114 children and grandchildren and he married on Safia Abdulleh,  who is 17-young […]