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Offroad Xtreme Week In Georgia

Offroad Extreme Week 2011 starts in Georgian village of Manglisi on  May 1. Special cars and crews from Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan will take part in the event. The competition is organized by “The Offroad club” with the support of Georgian Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the administration of Kvemo Kartli region, Georgia online reports.

6.9 Earthquake in the Solomon Islands!

A strong earthquake measuring 6.9 om the Ritcher scale hit Solomon Islands  Saturday. No injures or damages have been reported. The quacke doesn’t pose a tsunami threat to the region. It was described as a “quite scare”. “It went for a minute or two. It was not a one-off jolt. – This one went on […]

Armenia Calls On Georgia To Recognize Armenian Genocide!

Armenian MPs in the Georgian Parliament, together with the Head of the Armenian community called on Speaker of Georgian Parliament David Bakradze to recognize the Armenian Genocide. “The time has come to include the issue on the parliamentary agenda,” the MP stressed. Earlier the Armenian Student Association of Georgia has recently called on the country’s […]

Yanukovych Will Visit Armenia!

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych will visit Armenia through the official visit on 28 April. For this visit Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Alexander Mishchenko and Azerbaijani first deputy Prime Minister Yagub Eyubov discussed preparations for Yanukovych’s official visit to Azerbaijan on April 14.

The Next Earthquake in Japan

A magnitude 5,1 earthquake hit city of Akita in western coast of Japan on Tuesday. According to Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences, the quake epicenter was at the depth of 33 km. Another earthquake with a magnitude of 5,3 shook eastern coast of the island Honshu . The quake epicenter was at the […]

In Vitro Fertilization In Georgia

So Now Georgia has great In Vitro Fertilization Clinic in Tbilisi. As we know there is normal prices for these procedures. Clinic’s doctors are trained in Russia, Sweden and France. If you are interested in this, please read whole information on clinics website : or In Vitro Small information about clinic: Our clinic provides […]

The Next Trafficking Fact In Russia

Law enforcement agents in Tyumen, Russia, detained a 24-year-old citizen of Azerbaijan, who sold a 13-year-old girl to the next client, who paid 365$ for the white slave. Last month, Tyumen law enforcement agents received a report on the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl who lived with her grandmother. The law-enforcers found out the girl […]

Sergey Lavrov visits Sokhumi!

The Minister Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov plans to visit Sokhumi in 26 April. This information was appeared from the interview Abkhazia separatist prime minister – Sergey Shamba. Shamba said in his interview to the Russian Media, that it won’t be the first visit of Sergey Lavrov in their “country”: “This is not the […]

Catherine Zeta-Jones Was Taken To The Psychiatric Hospital

The well-known actress and just a beautiful woman Catherine Zeta-Jones went to the psychiatric hospital by herself. As the actress’s agent said, Catherine had a terrible year, so she found the key and went for the help. As the note, in 2010, the husband of the famous actress – Michael Douglas was fighting against the […]

Obama must say “Genocide”!

Congressmen Adam Schiff sent a letter to President Obamato use the term “genocide” in his statement marking the April 24 anniversary of the start of the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, both last year and in 2009, you did not use the term ‘genocide’ to describe the events of 1915-23. I ask you to return to the […]