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Saakashvili’s topless photos compete with sexy photos of Putin and Obama

Batumi on the Black Sea coast. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili swam for nearly three kilometers. Coming out of the water, Saakashvili talked with reporters while standing in front of them bare-chested. Using his iPad the president compared the temperature of the water of the Black Sea and the humidity with world-famous resorts. He said that […]

West needs big Russia harassing small Georgia, expert says

“NATO does not have to choose between Russia and Georgia” – Says  the Georgian political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze. According to him, NATO seeks a resolution of the Russian-Georgian problem through a “kind word.” Establishing cooperation through NATO’s mediation and resolving the problem in a peaceful way,” Sakvarelidze said. He pointed out that, in a sense, […]

Mikheil Saakashvili – “I’m ready to meet Medvedev”

The president of Georgia – Mikheil Saakashvili is ready to meet to his colleague Dimitri Medvedev “any time, any place and without any beeves”. “We have always said, that we are ready to meet and talk with president Medvedev any time, any place, without any beeves. Assuredly, I would talk with president Medvedev about the […]

There will be tourist complex in Telavi

Yes, it is starting. Building of tourist complex in Telavi, Zuzumbo Started. So Georgia will have great tourism center soon. Complex consists from 25 modern cottage and vipcottage. The presentation of the starting of construction , will be attended By Kakheti Governor George Ghviniashvili. As the administration of regional informational center told us, there will […]

15 Georgian were arrested in Turkey

15 Georgian civilians were arrested in Turkey for prostitution. After Judgment, Turkey government deported them to Georgia. After some days, There was another incident in another city, Adana, where also were arrested 3 civilians for prostitution,  2 Georgian and one Turkish. Georgian embassy  told that Frequent of same situations is too high. So its shame […]